Having partnered with a team of engineers and skilled technician to form our own milling center; BioThread Milling and Manufacturing facilities based in Fair Lawn, NJ. The vision behind this project was to create a simple, “All In One Solution” to offer our providers. This will not only save our doctors valuable chair time, but also reduce cost, while adding value to patient care. So long to the days of using tedious time-consuming traditional methods, that require ordering multiple restorative stock components.

At BioThread, our doctors can take advantage of our “All In One Solutions” which include the newly designed Intrepid Implant and impression coping for the surgical phase. Once ready to restore, a shade selection and final impression models is all you’ll need to send or digitally upload on our portal. From here we’ll design a Ti Base Zirconia Crown or mill a custom abutment crown within 7-10 working days. And to make it all worth it, restorative portion is not due until the case is submitted at the commencement of the restorative phase.

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