At BioThread Tissue banks. We manage the grinders, the sifters, the particulate size, the jar, and most importantly the quality. There is so much that goes into making allografts and we police it all. Did you know there are 4 types of donors? One being the best and 4 being the lowest. We even police that. We never use type four, even though it costs less.

The tissue banks we work with are FDA and AATB certified. One of which ONLY makes regenerative solutions for us. This allows them to hone their skills and we can “control” just about every aspect of production.

With us, you will never see things you might see in other products such as inconsistency, static, irregular grind size, irregular particulate color, or excess moisture. For this reason, we invested our resources into the 5 most recognizable bone banks around the world; which to make it even better, are located in our very own USA.

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